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We manage your revenue cycle to ensure you are reimbursed appropriately for the services you provide! We work through your existing EMR software to confirm that all elements of each claim filed meet the regulatory and contractual requirements necessary to produce a clean and quick payment.  


Do you have clean claims but can't get them to actually pay? We work with all payor types to make sure your payments actually make it to the bank! 

Revenue Recovery Projects

Have you provided hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of services for which you haven't received a dime? Whether the problem is contract issues, incorrectly filed/processed claims or getting claims through collections into the bank we can help!

Revenue Reporting

Revenue management isn't just about cash flow. Having good reports to manage your business by is essential. We can regularly provide you with status reports on your revenue and break payments down so you can target areas to improve! 

Contract Negotiations

Let us help you expand your business by cultivating new agreements with payor sources that represent more patients! 


The authorization process is more complicated than ever! Let us help you make sure you aren't providing services for free because you don't have a valid authorization. 

Eligibility Verification

Does it seem like some of your patients switch insurance carriers every 2 weeks? Let us help you determine the appropriate frequency and easiest method to check and document patient eligibility! 

Training & Education

Sometimes you in-house biller just needs to be pointed in the right direction. Sometimes they need to be trained from the ground up. Either way, we can help! 

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